Semper Dolens:
Matthieu : Guitars, Bass, Programming
Misha : Vocals

Semper Dolens is a duo-project between Matthieu Sachs (France, also a member of Lethian Dreams & Remembrance) and Misha Nuis (the Netherlands, also in Akelei & Bastaard). We met on the forum where Matthieu was looking for a male singer for some new songs he had written. We quickly found to have a similar taste in melody and so agreed to work on this project together.

This is very much an online collaboration, recordings are sent back and forth via email and finally mixed in France. We are currently working on material for a demo. The first 3 songs are presented here now, 1 more will follow. Hopefully later this year our demo will be ready for sending out to labels, zines and anyone else who's interested.

The music as well as the lyrics are drenched in melancholy, this is how the first song got its title: 'Melancholied' ("melancholy song"). Melodies and words express the feeling of losing love, hope, happiness... Probably all at once.

For this, the name fits perfectly. Translated from Latin we find ourselves to be 'always mournful'. It was first coined by English Renaissance lutenist John Dowland whose motto was "Semper Dowland, semper dolens". We feel this sadness can be beautiful and try to capture it in our songs. We hope you feel and enjoy it too when listening.

latest update : 10.11.06 - Semper Dolens 2006